"Dr. Coley has now been able to put in words what for many years she was not able to say. This book was very therapeutic and dynamic." 

Terry Owens​
Host of “2 The Point” Baltimore ABC’s (Channel 2) Baltimore, MD

DYNAMIC BOOK!!!!!!!!!!​
Dr. Lillie M. Coley’s Educational & Inspirational Book


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Founder of Community Empowerment Organization non-profit community outreach. She is a
motivational & inspirational speaker with a special anointing for the oppressed and broken hearted population providing self-identity and empowerment workshops.

The murder-suicide of Dr. Coley's parents when she was 11 years old (caused by her father), left her and seven brothers and sisters trying to understand how this could happen to a family who shared and did everything together. Having a "fairy tale childhood" that ended in tragedy with the oldest Coley at the time being 16 caused the shock of silence for 10 years. The death caused so much pain it was unbearable to talk about. Loving their father with a deep passion for a man who would do anything for them and was an excellent provider left the children with a broken heart. In this book Dr. Coley shares the sorrow and pain of losing her parents and dealing with the wrongs of her father. Knowing their father had some unresolved issues from his childhood they forgave him almost instantly through the power of God's love. But, the pain still lingers. In this motivational book she shares how GOD TURNED TRAGEDY INTO OPPORTUNITY while mending back their broken hearts.​

Dr. Coley became a woman of faith/saved at the young age of 9 and started her teaching and community services at the age of 19. She also has earned 4 degrees from college. She feels that if she can do it, anybody can. But God did not just keep her, He kept all her brothers and sisters as well. No brothers went to jail and no teenage pregnancies. This story is a miracle. This book also deals with the art of being whole and waiting on your divine destiny. By God's grace she is still living her testimony.​

Dr. Coley's book is available in six (6) other languages upon request African (Swahili), Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. My Story also has available other inspiring materials such as Daily Devotional Readings. See My Story Sequel Here.
Reviewers, Supporters & Encouragers Comments
''Best wishes for the success of both your events and book".​​
- Mrs. Laura Bush (White House)​
''Dr. Coley has now been able to put in words what for many years she was not able to say. This book was very therapeutic and dynamic.​​'' 
- Terry Owens, Host of “2 The Point” Baltimore ABC’s (Channel 2) Baltimore, MD
"​Dr. Lillie M. Coley’s story and her steps have been divinely ordered. Her testimony is a living example of God’s ability to protect, heal, fortify, uplift, empower and grant favor to those who seek His face. This is a great work because of its honesty, unconditional love, innocence and continued hopefulness. I pray that families, young people, but mostly, women of all ages read this book and find within its pages enlightenment and a renewed spirit to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Lillie Coley’s “My Story: Tragedy Turned To Opportunity” confirms that the author is indeed a “Kept Woman of Jesus."
- Dr. Katrina Hall, Producer of Café Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Communications and Cable Baltimore, MD
​​" I believe this work has great potential and could be a blessing to many.​''​
- Dr. Myles E. Monroe, President/Senior Pastor Bahamas Faith Ministries International Nassau, Bahamas
'' God never gives a vision without provision.​''
- Dave & Joyce Meyers Life In The Word Joyce Meyers Ministries Fenton, Missouri)​
''God Bless You For Telling The Truth. Bishop Andrew Turner and I prayer is that your book sells, sells and sells.​''​
- Dr. Wanda A. Turner Dr. Wanda A. Turner Ministries First Lady Inc. Inglewood, CA)

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