CHRIS JOHNSON, Executive Director

About Chris Johnson

Inside of just over a year and a half Chris put together undoubtedly the deepest and most impressive agency and management client roster in Restaurant Management in the world. On top of that he is continually brings advertisers which has been just one of the reasons why so many exceptional business have decided to sign with him and why he has relationships with some of the top managers who hire him to look after their clients/teams endorsements and business management needs. Professionally, he has seen success and had impeccable timing in business. His representation business that he started in college then financial, and business management company which lead him to align himself with successful business men. Corporately, Johnson has signed endorsement and sponsorship deals on behalf of his management clients in Marriot Hotel chain.

He represents clients in a manner in which he would want to be represented if the tables were turned. His success is tied to his relationship skills and selective nature in choosing and taking on outstanding clients who are not just great business people but great people. Chris's success at the negotiating table is due to simple yet valuable traits that can be summed up by quotes of those whom he represents and has dealt with at top professional sports organizations. Chris does top dollar for clients due to his fairness and relationships.

A true advocate of collaboration and believer in the strength of the Hotel Management diverse System, Johnson and his leadership team work closely with the independent men and women who own and operate 80% of Hotels and restaurants around the world, as well as the corporate staff, and suppliers who are passionate about creating experiences that satisfy our customers within and beyond the 35,000 Hotel Management chains in several countries. A leader in the business community, Johnson serve on the Board of Directors for Hotel Management for Marriot Hotel. Johnson is also a member of the Civic Committee helping young youth have productive activities during the summer. Johnson has been recognized for his leadership and passion by many leaders throughout California and been feature in several local articles. He is a true pioneer of community as young leader who has passion, courage and intelligence to carry our generation to the next level.

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